Friday, February 11, 2011

If one voice can affect is mine

 Dear D L,
      I know what people think when they see me in a comic book store.. I have heard in fact, what you say. And it must scare the shit out of you that a confident, pretty girl might know more then you. That being said, I took a chance on you 3 different times in three weeks. Remember, the first time I walked in one of Atomics old customers was there. I saw the look on your face while we talked. I know you know I am from Atomic. But did you see the emotion? That guy, who is now your customer, was one of my favorites. He mattered to me. And in the space of him and I talking, 4 different people walked in. And you didnt greet any of them. How do you make people feel like they belong if you dont ever take the time to greet them? I got in the car and cried when I left your store for feeling so helpless for my guys who might not ever feel special or cared for again...Thats not even my problem from that day. My problem is, every title I read you did not get in. What, if its not flashy with Green Lantern or Superman or the upcoming death of Spider-man its not worth a damn? You know what, thats how you missed out on 27. Thats why none of the lame ass stores in San Antonio had it. Thats why you can ONLY got reprints of issue one. Ahem...sorry that is enough of that.
   The next Wed, Daytripper TPB had come out. Off I go again to your store. Do you know how much this story meant to me, any idea at all? I cant wait, finally I can read all about Bras at once. But oh no DL, you have other plans for me. You have sold out of the no doubt 3 at best, copies you got. And, once again, you dont have any of my indie titles in. This concludes my second trip.
 My third trip, I broke. I had to order my Daytripper and decided it is better to support local business then get it from Barnes and Nobles. So in I come again. And it is Monday. And I know my 27 hits Wed. So I look at you in the eyes and I say 27 is MY book I need it. And you say, we can order that just fill out this form and we will call you when its here. I think I should just add my Daytripper to that order, and I do. I havent had my comic fix in two weeks, I am excited 27 is just 2 days away! Let me tell you something D L, IT IS FRIDAY! Still no call, no word? Did you miss the part where I said I NEED IT? I cannot believe stores like you, chain stores, manage to stay open while stores with heart and warmth, stores that care about its customers sink.That is all....
 And that brings me to my point. Atomic people, I want to believe that Atomic stood for something great and wonderful. I hope Gary,Jason, Josh, and I always made you feel welcome and wanted. I hope that we made your life a little more bearable, and by that I mean, I hope you felt you had somewhere safe to go when it seemed like the rest of the world was Bruce Lee and you were having your ass handed to you.  I hope that you all felt like you could be you there, and you not be judged. I hope we invited you to be the best you's you could be. I hope you guys stay reading and supporting our indie titles and writers and artists. I hope you guys know, if you are walking into other stores and having a hard time and not feeling the love, I am too. I hope you all know I miss you. And I plan to start reviewing again next week. Till then, dont let the man get you down. <3 Steph

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  1. I miss Atomic comics because it made me ask why not give it a try. I am one of those mass production greenlantern readers but because of you guys i allowed myself to try new stories but
    just when i start allow myself to appreciate new indie titles world got dim again....I have yet to even think about continuing my love for comics....You guys made the place feel like we the customer were part of your family....That cannot be replaced...after a 7 year hiatus from comic books atomic comics brought the kid out of me again. Now that kid is locked away again...Can i go another 7 years...who knows...All sa comic book stores and corpus christi stores suck big huevos.............
    Viva Atomic comics