Thursday, January 6, 2011

Jake Ellis could whoop Chuck Norris

 Who is Jake Ellis? Jake Ellis is NOT your average comic (Your reading this, then your too smart for average comics anyway). You might find Jake Ellis too intense. You might feel Jake Ellis's art is too awesome to take,in which case, your eyes just explode from the awesomeness of the pages.  Jake Ellis is the most action I have seen in weeks...yeah, I said it. Jake Ellis makes whatever Bourne movie you will probably try to compare it to look like a Blues Clue episode. In fact you should know Jake Ellis could definitely take Chuck Norris...
  Have you been reading your comics lately and wondering when the heck the action is going to start? Wondering when something that makes your heart rate rise? (Not naming any comics GREEN ARROW & SUPERMAN ahem) Me too. That's where Who is Jake Ellis? comes in.
    Who is Jake Ellis? is from a writer, you might remember his work from the insane thriller The Light, Nathan Edmondson. And the art from the very inspiring Tonci Zonjic. You might have seen him show off his skills in Superman 80 page Giant, or Dark Reign:The Cabal. You have to know, from the very first page, this story feels like it is happening to you. You are Jon, in Barcelona having drinks with some people and then you are like the freakin Transporter dodging bullets and making a great escape. Then the story stops... and you are back in 15 seconds earlier. When it replays you get the opportunity to see why that bullet dodging escape was so successful. And I have to say..whoever Jake Ellis is, I want him. He would, like Jon, be only visible to me. I, like Jon, would trust him to keep me calm and get me outta there when/if the bad guys found me. I dont know if he is a guardian angel or a figment of the imagination (kinda like the feel you start to get for Reznov in Black Ops) or an imaginary friend.  I want to be clear here...Jake is not cheesy in any kind of way. Nathan makes this work in a way that makes you envious you dont have someone telling you left, duck,RUN, we are safe. Though, Jake does make it clear he has limitations...Why are these people after Jon? Where did Jon meet Jake?
You dont get the answers you want right away. But I, like most like a cat. And if you dangle a string in front of me I will play...and pounce...and want more. I have been completely bated by Jake Ellis. Who is Jake Ellis? I am going to find out, and if you dont come with me, I am pretty sure you will wish you had.

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