Wednesday, December 15, 2010

27 ..2+7=9. 9 reasons to add 27 to your sub!!

1. Because I said so.
2. Because when you catch a music reference in the book you feel like the master of all things music.
3. Because I cant remember the last time a cover felt so familiar to me.
4. Because, the art, every panel is gorgeous.
5. Because you love music, and part of you wants our guy to make it to 28.
6. Because the story is really wonderful and engaging, every piece of music trivia connects you to the story
7.  Because there is a wonderful puzzle hidden within the pages of this book
8. Because once you know there is a puzzle in it, you too will stare at the pages forever, trying to find the clues, map, words. ( you should know I am winning this one so...)
9. Because its new, and different, and challenging. From the art, to the story, to the puzzle, everything about this book kicks ass. And #1 went to second printing which will ship along with issue 2 in Jan

 And thoughts on it.

More famous musicians have died at the age of 27, then any other age. It makes you wonder, is there a curse? If you are shining bright, playing like magic, and reaching people are you doomed? Maybe I am being a little Irish and superstitious when I say this, but damn, seems like something is going on… Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, Brian Jones, Janis Joplin…is it odd to you too? The peak of their careers…taken. Naturally, when I read that there was going to be a comic series 27, put out involving this matter I was stoked.
27’s art took me by surprise. It’s gritty but still clean. Each cover is a take on a picture of a famous musician who died at 27, the first cover being, Kurt Cobain.  Also what is so great about this book is you get amazing music trivia by the fourth page. And being as, I am a huge lover of music, catching the reference right away made it feel like I was involved in the story. I should also clue you into the fact that there is not just trivia happening in this book but also an easter egg hunt, if you will. The writer of 27, Charles Soule, has hidden a puzzle within the pages of the first four is what Charles had to say about it “ Another one of "27's" little sub-themes is numerology, specifically related to the number nine and its connection to creativity - after all, two plus seven equals nine, there are nine muses, etc. With that in mind, I decided to place a sort of puzzle into the book. I'll say that it's tied to the number nine, and music, and it's spread across all four issues of the mini. It should be easy to spot for sharp-eyed readers, but not necessarily easy to figure out. Anyone who does figure it out, though, will find themselves with a very clear set of instructions to follow, and I'm planning a cool surprise for the first person - or maybe people - who get there.”
 FREAKIN AWESOME!!So about the book. You get a sense right away of a man who is musically at the top of his game. He gave up everything in his life for this, and he is finally reaping the rewards. He can’t imagine loving anything this much. And then, we get his story, where it all went wrong. Reflex sympathetic dystrophy. It hits people who do repetitive things with their hands, with few options to fix.  There is surgery but your hand never works right again, useless to a musician. There is getting so high you forget about it. (Curious how many of our 27 members went out high? At least 3). Or this final option, a different kind of medicine. Our guy, Will Garland, on his 27th birthday, which is today, makes a desperate move. He goes to see a witch doctor who, has a contraption, that collects the body’s natural energies in exchange for healing. Really, I mean, what would you do to have your life back? What happens next, is for you to read. I cannot wait to have a music adventure with Will. I want him to make it to 28. I also want to solve the puzzle. Pick up this book, and join me in some rock and roll awesomeness.

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