Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bad girls do it better...

  I have an attitude problem. I am generally drinking Jack Daniels and Coke, and yelling obscenities at the refs of basketball games and other players on TV. I am not above initiating a water gun war in which I rig your gun to not work. I have been known to threaten people with my death ray gun. I have a horrible temper and am a poor loser. I cuss a lot! I know I am a little intimidating, and I like it that way.. . dont get me wrong. I am also very shy and very sensitive. I try to do good, put others first. I love very intensely, and very deeply. Clearly I dont fit into your standard girl super hero box, I can never relate to them. None of them seem rowdy enough for me, the kind of girl I think could take me. And I guess thats what I look for in a female hero, someone who makes me think they could just put me in my place real quick. Someone I can relate to. There seems to be a lack of heroes who are just a little bit bad, who are strong women but not in a traditional way. Strong in a way that, they are beautiful, can drink a dude under the table and take his bike.Enter Valhalla Cindermane...yeah, I think I love her.
    Thats right... The Diva of Thunder Rides Again! I am always skeptical about comics that have any women involved in them. (I love you Poison Ivy, Harley, Domino, Cat Woman) In fact Gary put this book in my hand today and said tell me what you think and I groaned a very impatient groan. But I took it and read it and loved it. First of all, the art is gorgeous.It opens with Valhalla on a motorcycle. (Yeah, she actually is that awesome) I don't want to spoil it but also, her weapon of choice is really lovely. Next, she is at a bar having a drinking contest. She is sarcastic and arrogant and I think at this point she has already stolen my heart but then she just out does herself in a classic bar brawl (woot woot) followed by the question, "Are there none fit to stand before me?" Uh, yeah... PICK ME!PICK ME! I want to know who she is, she could be my best friend. I haven't felt like this since Cassie Hack shed her light on me. I recommend you pick up Valhalla Cindermane and fall for the bad girl a bit.


  1. Boy, that sounds cool. Also, after reading you're description of yourself, I find myself intimidated... and intrigued :)