Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Green Lantern Trailer...

  Can I just say I am anti comic book this point when is the last time a great one came out? Kick Ass? Are you serious, did you even read the book? The Losers? Ummm...NO! Wolverine, you know with Deadpool having lasers shooting out of his eyes and claws? Lets not forget the amazing Ryan Reynolds....DEAR GOD! Watchmen? I adored this movie all the way up to the end...and then felt really unsatisfied. .. Iron Man 2? Yeah all you should have watched was the Previews since it showed every  single awesome part in it.   AGHHHHHHH!! I am sick of it!

    Being that I work at a comic book store,  had to watch the Green Lantern trailer so I can talk about it with my customers. Reluctantly I watched it I should say. The reason...Ryan Reynolds. All I am saying is I dont know if  can get past the douchiness that is Ryan. I am watching the trailer and thinking how can anyone think this guy is Hal. And who the fuck would give him a ring?! DID ANYONE ELSE SEE HIM AS DEADPOOL FOR THE LOVE OF KIRBY?! Why, cant Hal be someone more awesome? More believable? Not this douche guy who looks like he just stepped out of J-crew! That being said HOLY COW, Sinestro looks awesome, for that brief one second he got, as does Kilowog. See this is your problem America. Actually, now that I think about it... the brief Sinestro appearance and Kilowog was brilliant. Thats the kind of teaser that will take me to the theater to see it. Damn you! You got me. Well played, well played. That is all for now...must admit defeat. - Steph

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  1. The trend of cocky asshole seems to be prevalent in most sci-fi/comic movies these days (see Tony Stark and the new "Captain Kirk"). That being said, I think they're showing that to a) offset the decades-old "Hal is humorless and stuffy" perception and b) as a contrast to how he'll be after he gets the ring. Owsley did the same thing in Emerald Dawn. It will probably even out, so I'm willing to wait and see.